The names you see on this page are some of the hardest working and most dedicated radio folks in the business.

You won't find any job titles on this page, we are not very good with those things.
If there is a job to be done, we just do it.

This is our family:

KJ Allen

Randy Beasley

John Brown

Randy Brown

Stephen Christian

Randal Graby

Eileen Kimble

Benji Kurtz

Melissa LeBrun

Scott Lewis

Chris Lobdell

Chip Lyness

Scott MacLeod

Todd Michaels

Jim Nicholson

Amanda O'Donnell

Kim Stewart

Chris Shupe

Greg Tantum

Jason Williams

Jessica Yearwood

1720 EPPS BRIDGE PKWY | SUITE 108-303 | ATHENS, GA 30606 | (706) 389-8160